Milou Communication

Milou are one of Swedens most renowned hybrid agencies with 27 project managers, interaction designers, developers, designers and strategists working with clients all over the world. Durning the module creating digital future at Hyper Island, me and my team got asked to help Milou to find the superstars of tomorrow.

My role:

Graphic designer and copywriter

creative media

Learnings and insights from research

- 50 % of the people have moved in order to get their dream job.
- 50% of the people intend to stay at a job until they don’t feel challenged or get bored.
- 50 % of the people intend to stay 1-3 years.
- Over 50% say that the most important thing when going for a job is the feel of the company, the internal culture.
- Culture, working environment - match values and norms
- Sustainability, diversity & family
-Appreciated, challenged & included


From our research and findings we saw that Milou has to do an organizational transformation to find the top talents in the business, because what the new talents searching for is a place where they can identify themselves with and to break it down the transformation they have to do it in four steps:

creative media


In every transformation and change you need help in the start, of changing your behavior. In order to kickstart change we was facilitating workshops to help the teams at Milou to come closer to each other and to have a more clear and direct communication to each other, affect the work and a better work environment.

Following up

Since we couldn't be through the whole process of the transformation we decided to do a game for Milou who the will play in teams together from today and one year forward, the purpose of the game is to give small challenges every second week, it can be "write a manifesto for the team", take your team out for a lunch etc. The game are divided in four parts. Is not a competition since research shows that you will not build a better work culture in a competing environment - everyone is winner! We did the game as a physical map with 20 steps.

Website mockup

What you are communication out is more than important, and that's mean of every channel you have and since we wanted to brand Milou more human centric we suggested to re changed their website to front the employees of Milou, what they thinks about of Milou. We also add a career page and decreased the copy with over 50% to a more conduct and straight forward message, is no need to talk for the sake of talk. Spread your message well and straight forward!And show how awesome you are.


Milou was very happy and surprised of our delivery! They was expecting a lot of us, but not this whole 360 concept that is very tangible. Read what they was saying about us on Instagram:

creative media