Metro is the world's biggest print news paper who is for free.
Metro has a distribution in 120 cities and 23 different countries all over the world.
In Sweden metro exist in Malmo, Stockholm and Gothenburg and has 1 million readers every day.

My role:

Project Manager/account manager


Create and sell creative solutions for Sweden’s largest medium, and for the smallest clients on the B2B side. With help of my creative thinking and willingness to create solutions who attracted the readers, I open up for new customers to start to advertise and kept interest for the already existing customers. My mainly focus was to create content marketing.


One piece I'm extra proud of is this subway map I created of Stockholms subway stations, i sold every single place for royalty - like monopoly! In the top of the picture you can see the ad market.

I got some insights the day when we published - good marketing is when you offer the customer real value, then the money will come and yes! It was an amazing feeling for me when I saw readers stand in the subway and read my creative ads, as it was real articles.

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