iZettle is a mobile payment system who gives small business owners the chance to receive payment to a smaller fee than competing companies. iZettle was founded in 2010 and has today a $500 million valuation.

My role:

Creative strategist


Give small business owners simple tools to find new customers

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The challenge

The challenge for izettle is that their product is commission based, they earn money when their own customers do. From the seven years of research iZettle has done, the largest challenge their customer had was to find new customers, to grow their business and when they do that - iZettle grows.

In the beginning of the project we received the brief: “Give small business owners simple tools to find new customers”. With that said, the expectation on us was to deliver simple tools. Tools to inform on how to make ads and similar solutions, but research showed us that we had to go deeper and boarder to solve the real problem.

Our journey creative media Research

We were doing desktop research, “long steep” and interviews to gather our findings. When we were doing interviews later on we saw some patterns that all the business owners we interviewed had together.


-Word of mouth brings in 90% of new customers.
-You are your business.
-Your proudness os one of the last thins you will give up.
-Networking helps you to achieve valuable information and gain new contacts.
-Small business owners spend less than 2 hours on marketing per week.
-Performance and mental health goes hand in hand.

creative media


Our solution was a interactive toolbox that gives you all necessary tools to grow your business. We didn't see one solution to the problem, since its many factors that are depending on if you will grow your business or not. We came up with the interactive toolbox that helps small business owners with: Networking, mental health and business


It was a pleasure to work for iZettle since they do have a lot of experience and competence in house, and gave us room to explore and find new ways. My two most valuable learning outcome from this project would be:

1.Do your research, because you will find new insight and directions you do not know exist.
2.Work closely to your client to achieve the best outcome, you can share your findings and you client can guide you in right direction.

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