Ernst & Young

EY is a world-leading company in auditing,
accounting, taxation, transactions and consulting.

My role:

Strategy and copywriter


"Create EYs distribution lab in Sweden - Wave Space. EY Wavespace hubs would be used for: Client-facing demand generation events, Project acceleration/design events, Project team delivery."

creative media

Five E model

Use the “five-E” model to come up with the best experience for EY disruption lab, me and my team took care of the extension part.

1. Excitement - The way the person first becomes aware of and is attracted to the experience. What Captures their attention.
2. Entering - into the experience, crossing from one context to another.
3. Engagement -The activities that engage the participant in the experience.
4. Exit - The clear end of the experience.
5. Extension - A physical or digital object that that the participant can take with them to 'extend' the experience.


What happens after you have been in a meeting? If it has been successful, you want to rebook, tell your boss or close the deal. What we saw was necessary to give, in order to do that was a customer made homepage where you could go in and check up on: Your collaboration journey, upcoming work you will do together and interesting events in near future. You can also invite your co-workers to this page!

creative media
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