Banking of tomorrow

During Hyper Island we had a module who was about startups and got the challenge the create a startup in only three weeks with lean canvas methodology.

My role:

Strategy, concept, copy and design


For many people it is hard to save money, especially for people who are not used to it.
If you in the beginning of the month transfer your money to you savings account, you are just one click away to put it back in your spending account.

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Target group

I believe that Unidos main target group is young adults in Sweden, the age span is between 20-25 years old. They probably just moved away from home, started to work or are students.


Unido is a software connected your debit card, it transfer between 1-10 percent of every transaction you do.

The beauty of Unido is that you will never see the money and at the end of the month you have saved money without even knowing you did. It can feel hard to save 10% of your salary but you will never care if your coffee is 10% more expensive.

creative media

Direct cost to launch to launch Undio
and to go around the first year:
- Finansinspektionen
- Software
- Marketing
- Other cost
- 1,5 MILE SEK in venture capital.

Revenue models

- Information economy
- Take a small fee
- Lend out the money and write it over in value paper to bigger banks, you will do a profit between 1-5 percent and you will be backed by the Sweden central bank.

Milestones the first year from now.

- Accepted by Finansinspektionen - one month
- BETA - 3 months
- Marketing - five months
-100 000 active users - one year

If 100 000 users are spending more or less 200 000:- per year and only put on 1% to there saving account we would have a access to 200:- MILE sek as a bank within the first year.

Feedback I recived from CEO
of Krigskassa in Blekinge:

"If you will launch this project, contact then me for potential investment."