About me
Who am I?

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I am Josefin and..

I like everything that is new and exciting. My curiosity have lead me to new places and exiting connections through life - that's one of my best qualities, along with a strong drive and a positive outlook on most things in life.

I get things done!

I have a background in media sales and it has naturally lead me to be very strong in strategy and business development. I'm not scared of, or unexperienced in coding or design - since I both code today and I am a good friend with Adobe's creative cloud(Have made this website in HTML/CSS, Javascript, XD and illustrator). I've noticed that, the more technically skilled I become, the easier it is for me to pick up new software. My passion for innovation and product development have brought me to Hyper Island, where I realized that I am in the right place and one step closer to turning my passion into a living.

creative media