Hi there!
I am a student at Hyper Island - Digital media creative in Karlskrona, Sweden. At the end of April, I will go out for a seven months long internship and I would love to do it in UX/product design. I am super excited for this opportunity and hope to find a company where I can share my learnings and get new ones.

Are you or do you know that place? Lets talk then!

creative media

Madeleine Morne
CEO&founder Småkockarna

Josefin Schönqvist has helped Småkockarna in all kinds of ways, generating new customers through diverse actions. She has also been a big help with getting my other business Lidingö Matstudios website up and running. Building the website to our satisfaction. What she doesn’t know, she will find out and get it done. We highly recommend Josefin, always positive and easy to work with.

creative media

Martin Hjorth
Sales manager metro Sweden

Josefin worked as an account manager and contacted potential customers for the metro newspaper. Her main responsibilities were project management of metro Custom Publishing. We were pleased with Josefin as a colleague and a representative of the company. Josefins work was characterized by a strong drive and willingness to always put the customers in focus. Josefin is very creative and many business opportunities were possible only because of her mindset of thinking outside the box.

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